Sunday, July 12, 2009

ToP MoDeL n DeaR fRieNd's eNgaGeMeNt...

My friend here is among the Hot & Top Model in Malaysia now... She was also an air stewardess before, but now concentrating being a full-time model... Even so, i adores her low-profile attitude... Kind, friendly, funny (jovial) and crazy too... I remember when we did Hajj flights with Charter last year... We had such a great time enjoying our stress-free job (for the whole 2 months)... Everyday is 'party' day... Full of laughter n hilarious jokes... She's 1 of a kind... Luv u babe... ;@)
She got engaged recently (12th July) to her long-term hot BF... and asked my favour to make her cupcakes for the guess! Of course i'm in... She ordered 150 pcs of Decorated Moist Choc. Cuppies + Ganache Topping and also 120 pcs of Plain Marble Cupcakes... Oh, forgot to mentioned... She lurves PINK... Most of the designs are in PINK... and she too dressess in PINK during the ceremony... Whooppppiiieee... ;@)
The beautiful Diana
(photo courtesy of Jay Ismail Photography)

White Batik Print Deco

Beds of Roses

Pink Batik Print Deco

Single Pink Rose

Purple Rose + Pink & White Rossette
120pcs of Marble Cupcakes

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