Friday, July 31, 2009

pRiNCeSs SoFea... ;@)

It's for Suzi's daughter SOFEA... She's celebrating her Belated Birthday with teacher n friends at school. (Her birthday falls on 07th July - same like my anniversary... hohoho), but every end of the month her school will celebrate Birthdays for all students who are born in the same month - POOLED BIRTHDAYS!!! HAPPY BELATED BURFDAY S.O.F.E.A... ;@)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

No oCCaSioN CuPPieS... ;@)

Brought these for hubby's nephews & nieces while visiting my in-laws recently... Purposely made munchkin sizes to avoid waste-ness... (u know... kiddos with creams & filling stuffs, they tend to throw it after a few bites). So with these, it goes straight to their mouth without any chances of leaving some 'behind'.. hehehe!!!

Then, i made these for Charter Dept. office staffs (Kak Liza in particular) during my uniform measurement (for this year's Hajj season) as she alwiz wanted to try my cuppies ever since she knew that i bake during my free time... They seems to luv it though... *wink*wink*

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"SoMewHeRe oVeR tHe RaiNBoW"

2nd order but this time it's for double b'day celebration for both her & her sister... She wanted something simple but nice & cute (just like them... hikhikhik)... She told me that she adores Sunflower, Rainbow, Ladybug, Bee & Flowers... So put it in altogether and u get... WALLAAAHHHH... "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" - with blue skies, blooming flowers & bugs happily flying here and there... Aaahhhhh... what a view!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CouSiNs tReaT...

My cuz & cuz in law will do anything for food... As for these 'Special Cuppies'... they made me do for them... HAHAHA!!! They saw my Choc. Indulgence entry (Moist Choc Cuppies with Choc Ganache Icing) and fell in lurrveeee ever since and had been chasing me to bake it ever since too... So d best way to treat them is to wait for their b'days and bake without the 'forced' feeling in me (in other words, i baked it IKHLAS for u peeps ok)... kikikikiki... ENJOY CUZ!!!

mY HuBBy... mY LoVe (errrr... not mine ya...) ;-p

Noooooo..... not for my hubby... It's for my Bro In-Law instead... Ordered by his wife Ain. She wanted something special & memorable for hubby's birthday this year. She gave me a few pics of her hubby and i send it for Edible Image printing. Suddenly the idea of 'Soccer' just came... From Jersey to Field to Ball... The 'Lollipop' Pics just pop-up out of nowhere coz i dunno where to put the rest of the images (as i don't want to crowd d cakes with too many pics so i double up 2 images in 1 lollipop). Am glad Ain luvs it after i showed her the pic that i took b4 d delivery... Thanks a lot sista & HAPPY BURFDAY ACUN... ;@)

Monday, July 27, 2009

eNNie - eLMo 'N' CooKie MoNsTeR

is my Best Friend's (Linda) sis in-law... The cutest sister of Ed (Linda's hubby)... ;@). She specially ordered these Elmo & Cookie Monster cuppies with the name 'ERY' as the mouth. As they're too 'hairy', i put 'em in a Cupcake Box with Window which come with individual holes as a separator. Nice eh!!! TQVM Ennie... ;@)
In Cupcake Box with Window & Individual Holes

Sunday, July 26, 2009

ICCA - WMCD - FoNDaNt n GuMPaSte (LeSSoN 1)

25th July 2009
ICCA - Wilton Method of Cake Decorating
Fondant & Gumpaste Course
Day 1 - Lesson 1
My FINAL Course in Cake Decorating with ICCA... (still contemplating whether or not to enroll their Diploma Courses after this. Some said good, some said d other way round... hmmm... It's ok... I still hv & will take my time 2 think of it... ;-!)
Well... as for this 1st Lesson, we learned how to Tint and Marbleizing fondant with 2 differrent method. One is using Pre-Tinted + White Fondant and another method is just using Icing Colour. Next is the hardest part (for me especially) - to cover a cake with fondant. I 'cried' every single time i used fondant to cover a cake... 1st time - it stick to the mat.... 2nd time - it stick a little but can be lift up... 3rd time - it tore (what a nightmare)... So it took me 4th attempt just to cover a single tier of cake!!!!! Can u believe it????? Arrrggghhhhh.... So during this lesson (which took me 2 attempt to cover a cake), i make sure i used a generous amount of icing sugar underneath b4 rolling the FONDANT... and it works!!! HAHAHA... ;@)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

bRigHt, bRigHteR, bRigHteSt... ;@)

forwarded me her order plus sample designs... I was shocked at 1st coz d colours are soooo..... BRIGHT...!!! Nadia that i knew alwiz goes for soft & romantic colours... But this time, it's kind of 'New-Vibrant-Her'... (suits her new personalities - new stylo hairstyle... i really loiikeeee it)... ;@)

Friday, July 24, 2009

PuRPLe aND gReeN...

is 1 of my Best Buddies... She charming, she's funny & she's expecting... ;-p... She had alwiz wanted to come over to my place just to 'help' me bake... And she's supposed to come and help me with these cuppies but very unfortunate i was really2 busy these past 2 weeks with classes and other commitments... So i promised her next week... InsyaAllah...
Anyway, here's her order for her niece's b'day (plus hers too as they shared same birth date)... Her niece's fav colours are purple n green (eehhhhh.... same as mine laaaa)... ;@)

"CuTe LiTtLe WeDDiNg"

An order from Cute Little Yaya for her sister's wedding... She described in details on what she wants on d cuppies from A - Z... hahaha... It's a special gift from her to her sister... Auuuuwwwww!!!
As i can't get to make d teddies outfit in Gold, i decided to settled with Yellow... While d rest of d decos are in d same group of colours... Managed to spray d rose in Gold though... And am so happy wt it... ;@)
To LINA & HAGIL - SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU... Semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat & dikurnikan zuriat yg soleh & solehah... To my Cute Little Yaya - TQVM for trusting in me in making those beautiful Hantaran Cuppies... Hope u guys like it ya!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

aNa - 'pRiNCeSs aLiSSa'

a friend of my sister's friend... Hahaha... Complicated enough??? Think!!! Anyway, she ordered these 'Gurly Princesses' theme cuppies for her own princess - ALISSA... who is turning 5 and wants to celebrate it with all her friends and teacher at school... Hope they love it!!! HAPPY BURFDAY DEAR ALISSA... ;@)

aNa - BEN 10 pLuS BaRNeY n fRieNDs...

2nd order is for her 2nd daughther... She likes Barney and BEN 10 (which kid doesn't??? hahaha...). As her sister get 2 bring cuppies to school, she wants it too... So mommy have to put 2nd order and auntie Mieza is SMILING WIDE... ;@)