Monday, March 30, 2009


My 1st Edible Image order by Azah for her 6 years old nephew Syukur... Glad they loved it... Tima kacih bebanyak Azah... ;@)

ICCA - WMCD - Lesson 4 (27th Mar '09)

Our final day n final lesson for Course 1... which is also our Graduation Day... theehheehheee... Learned how to assemble the Wilton Rose onto a cake. And we also covered how to pipe Sweet Peas, Bows & Leaves n Vines... and d results:-

Weeeeheeee... we did it!!!
Sweet Peas
& My Graduation Cake

wt all her student's 'Masterpiece'
And proudly presenting..... My Graduation Certificate... ;@)

ICCA - WMCD - Lesson 3 (20th Mar '09)

It's all about Flowers n Figures piping technique... (shell, heads, teddy bear, heart, clown, drop flower n rose). This time around we decorate it onto cupcakes (baked n frosted earlier)...

Monday, March 16, 2009

ICCA - WMCD - LeSSoN 2 (13th Mar '09)

On our 2nd lesson, we learned bout decorating techniques, part of roses n pattern transfer... We get 2 decorate our own cake (that we baked n frosted at home)... Using Piping Gel, we trace a rainbow diagram on a parchment paper, then place it onto d cake n start decorating wt all d techniques that has been taught earlier on... FUN & INTERESTING but painful (coz u r using d strength of your palm 2 d max 2 squeeze d piping bag wt icings)... Ouuuccchhh... ;-/
The classroom @ Section 14, PJ & my Instructor - Nancy

Here's my Rainbow Decorated Cake wt Star & Zigzag Piping technique
(yaaaaa..... now u know my age... just keep it 2 yourself okay ;@)**...)

ICCA - Wilton Method on Cake Decorating Course 1

My New Cool Gadgets

I've alwiz wanted to join ICCA's (International Centre of Cake Artistry) baking class. After a long consideration and approval from my hubby, i called them up (Section 14 branch) on 4th of Mar and ask about d availability of d class... They told me that it is still vacant, so i signed up immediately n make d payment d very next day. My 1st class of Course 1 starts on d 6th..
D course is Wilton Method of Cake Decorating - Course 1. They have 3 courses all-together (1,2,3) + Fondant & Gumpaste course in order 4 u 2 master cake decorating, knowing types of icing (esp. Buttercream, Royal Icing n Fondant) n at d same time learn about tips n tricks along d way. They are 8 of us in d class. Our instructor is Nancy... Very helpful n informative..
On our 1st day, we were introduced to basics essential tool kit on baking n decorating. Oh ya, we got a FREE Student Stater Kit wt lots of stuff in it, Reference Book n Practice Board. We were excited as it has been a while since we used to get free stuff during class (as far as i recalled, not counting my stewardess days... hmmmm... think it was during school time eh)... hahaha... Besides that, i also got myself their almost-complete tool kit to replaced my old one at home... I've been eyeing on it ever since i got to know bout Wilton Products... Finally... yeayyy... But then later at home i've 2 explained 2 hubby why i bought it coz it cost... a bummer $$$... He cooled down after i told him that this is an investment 4 my business plus i plan 2 apply for ICCA's Instructorship Course once i completed all d courses... wish me luck peeps ;@)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

iLHaM... 4 aBaH, MaL & aLyN ...

Thanks 4 d pics Humm... Mmmuuuaahhh ;@)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

fRoM YaNi tO HeR Bf... ;-p

Monday, March 2, 2009

gO SaNtAi cLaSs... bY LyNn HaSsaN...

Date: 28/02/09
Time: 11am - 7pm
Venue: Lynn's Crib (Saujana Utama)
Chef: Lynn Hassan
Main Target: Belajar Sampai Pandai... hehehe... i love it... thanks Lynn 4 being so patient n detail wt us... we definitely learned a lot from u. Now i know how to make Rossette... Yahooo ;-p