Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I made these Special Cuppies for my FAMILY on 2nd day of Ramadhan... If anyone interested to have the same designs, do lemme know okay!!!

Top - Choc Moist + Buttercream & Choc Ganache

Bottom - Vanilla Cuppies + Buttercream

Sunday, August 23, 2009

RaMaDHaN tReaT... PaRt 2

This is for Azah and family... She loves my Moist Chocolate Cake + Ganache (TQVM) so very much, so i made her this treat...
is my loyal and supportive customer. Introducer of my products to others and best of all a dear friend to our family. Loves trying and venturing my cakes (flavour, designs and etc... etc...). I really enjoyed doing business with her... Thanks again ye Cik Azah... Muuaahhh... XoXoXo... ;@)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

RaMaDHaN tReaT... ;@)

Ordered by Jasmine Sutinah from Subang Jaya for her family's gathering on 1st Day of Ramadhan. She wants it as a Buka Puasa Dessert... Sweet!!! Vanilla Pound Cake + Buttercream Filling and Frosting... TQVM Jasmine... ;@)

WoNKy CaKe FoR WeeN... ;@)

It has been 2 years now since Ween (1 of My Gurlsss) lives is Manjung wt her beloved Hubby and darling Son Danish... Since then we only keep in touch thru phone (SMS or phone calls) and hardly by Internet (emails, FB or etc..). Mind you, there's no internet connection over there... Hahaha... Poor Ween, living in an 'Ulu' place.
She came down to KL recently when Mie (her hubby) has a seminar/course to attend. And we took the chance to gather (wt the rest of the Gurlsss) and had a great time having a nice dinner plus birthdays celebration...
Before she leave, she ordered a cake (Moist Chocolate) with lots of cream on it... She wanted a 'Volcano' Cake imagining that she would get a great amount of icing from the 'Lava' but i told her i haven't gotta chance to join Volcano Cake Class yet!!! Hahaha.... I made her 'Wonky' (Odd Shapes) cake instead... and pipe a generous amount of Buttercream on it... Hope the cream is more than enough for u Ween... ;@)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

WMCD - FoNDaNt aNd GuMPaSte (LeSsoN 3 n 4)

ICCA Section 14, PJ
Date: 08/08/09 & 14/08/09
Lesson 3 & 4
Due to my 'very2 tight schedule' for the past 3 weeks, i decided to combined the entry on my ICCA's F & G course on Lesson 3 and 4 in 1 post...
Nothing much in Lesson 3 as all we did was Creating Flowers using Gum Paste. Interesting though coz we get to play wt the "Clay" to create Daisy, Carnation + the Calyx and Leaf and also Fantasy Flower.
But in Lesson 4 (the Grand Finale), more techniques been introduced to us. How we can actually create Favor Box from fondant that can be use for any purposes. Then, there's Overlays and Inlays using Fondant Cut-Outs, Three different Borders (Ball, Embellished Rope and also Punched Strip). All in all, this is how the Final Cake looks like... Yaaaaaa... I know what you are thinking.... This isn't a cake!!! This is MESS!!! It's not the 'Look' that we're looking for in this course. It's about the techniques peeps... 100% techniques. Hehehe... ;@)
Well, i'm now OFFICIALLY graduated from all the Wilton Courses. I might or might not be joining their Diploma Courses. I'll think about it and decides later. Wilton or PME or BOTH???

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

eNNie - eLMo aNd CooKie MoNsTeR aGaiN... ;@)

Cute little Ennie is SO obsessed with Elmo and Cookie Monster... This is her 3rd order of the same Characters. It's good for me though coz it's easy to do and only uses 2 main colours plus a little bit of white and black!!! Hikhikhik... ;@)

VaNiLLa aNd cHoCoLaTe iCe cReaM sWiRL

rdered by Catherine Nah for her hubby's customer... Such a Simple yet Sweet design suitable for any occasions... Thanks 2 u Catherine for d attachment. And guess what??? This is my 1st order with Chocolate Buttercream... I did for my family member once and they love it, but none of my customers ask for it yet. Catherine's d 1st... So, how was it Cath???

Catherine also ordered 9 pcs of d same design for her twins. I put a Heart Fondant Deco on it to create a dramatic look... hahaha... ;@)

Monday, August 17, 2009

WeDDiNg CuPCaKeS cLaSs

Attended a Wedding Cupcakes Class in ICCA - Kota Damansara under my Baking Sifu - Lynn Hassan (MyHadiah) on Sunday. Brought 2 other friends with me and guess what??? It tooks 3 to create a chaotic havoc during the 5 hrs session!!! Pity the rest of d guys and Lynn coz having to bare wt our un-stoppable 'Mulut Murai'... hehehe... Sowwwwwiiiii.... But overall, we had so much fun... ;@)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"SoMe wHeRe oVeR tHe RaiNBoW - PaRt 2"

Little T.R.I.S.H.A's birthday treat from her daddy Patrick (Astro). Designs adapted from my Gallery Collections (Yaya Razali's order) with different name of course!!! Hahaha... ;p
Sorry to keep u waiting Patrick... Clumsy me left the candles at home and have to go back and get it... Luckily it wasn't far from my place yet... ;@)

MuFFiNs tReaT... ;@)

For my dearest Kak Sue @ Shila's kenduri Gift Pack... It's Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Walnut Muffins in Individual Container wt Dome Lid. TQ darl... ;@)

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Specially for A.L.I.F from his cousin sister L.I.N.D.A who is also A.Z.A.H's sister in-law... hahaha... Made a special delivery to Taman Sri Manja (bcoz of my tight schedule, i can't make it earlier at the promised place though)... Sorry ya Linda to trouble u wt that... Hope u, Alif and d rest loves the cake despite of it's 'misunderstanding' shape... kuikuikui... ;@)

"sPRiNgFieLD - VeRSioN 3"

I wonder why people loves this design a lot??? Is it bcoz of d colors, designs or...??? I don't know... But what i know, it's my 3rd order (plus 1 more comin' up) with d same designs but different customers.
These are for E.N.N.I.E... She choosed to have d same exact design but with slightly different colours (white base - changed to light green). Well peeps, it's all depends on your individual liking and interest aite... I respect that and it's alwiz been a pleasure to serve and try my best to meet all your needs... ;@)

Friday, August 14, 2009

"wHaT a GiRL WaNt, wHaT a GiRL NeeD..."

Azah's special gift for her wonderful boss (a lawyer) - M.E.L.A.N.I.E on her birthday... According to Azah, Mel loves Purple, Make Up, Shoes, Handbag, Jewelleries and etc... etc... So, she requested to have all of these on d cuppies with purple background + purple ribbon for the box! Yaaiiiii.... lucky she didn't ask me to find a purple box... hikhik... ;@)