Thursday, August 20, 2009

WMCD - FoNDaNt aNd GuMPaSte (LeSsoN 3 n 4)

ICCA Section 14, PJ
Date: 08/08/09 & 14/08/09
Lesson 3 & 4
Due to my 'very2 tight schedule' for the past 3 weeks, i decided to combined the entry on my ICCA's F & G course on Lesson 3 and 4 in 1 post...
Nothing much in Lesson 3 as all we did was Creating Flowers using Gum Paste. Interesting though coz we get to play wt the "Clay" to create Daisy, Carnation + the Calyx and Leaf and also Fantasy Flower.
But in Lesson 4 (the Grand Finale), more techniques been introduced to us. How we can actually create Favor Box from fondant that can be use for any purposes. Then, there's Overlays and Inlays using Fondant Cut-Outs, Three different Borders (Ball, Embellished Rope and also Punched Strip). All in all, this is how the Final Cake looks like... Yaaaaaa... I know what you are thinking.... This isn't a cake!!! This is MESS!!! It's not the 'Look' that we're looking for in this course. It's about the techniques peeps... 100% techniques. Hehehe... ;@)
Well, i'm now OFFICIALLY graduated from all the Wilton Courses. I might or might not be joining their Diploma Courses. I'll think about it and decides later. Wilton or PME or BOTH???

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