Saturday, August 22, 2009

WoNKy CaKe FoR WeeN... ;@)

It has been 2 years now since Ween (1 of My Gurlsss) lives is Manjung wt her beloved Hubby and darling Son Danish... Since then we only keep in touch thru phone (SMS or phone calls) and hardly by Internet (emails, FB or etc..). Mind you, there's no internet connection over there... Hahaha... Poor Ween, living in an 'Ulu' place.
She came down to KL recently when Mie (her hubby) has a seminar/course to attend. And we took the chance to gather (wt the rest of the Gurlsss) and had a great time having a nice dinner plus birthdays celebration...
Before she leave, she ordered a cake (Moist Chocolate) with lots of cream on it... She wanted a 'Volcano' Cake imagining that she would get a great amount of icing from the 'Lava' but i told her i haven't gotta chance to join Volcano Cake Class yet!!! Hahaha.... I made her 'Wonky' (Odd Shapes) cake instead... and pipe a generous amount of Buttercream on it... Hope the cream is more than enough for u Ween... ;@)

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