Sunday, August 2, 2009

ICCA - FoNDaNt aNd GuMPaSte CouRSe (LeSsoN 2)

1st August 2009
Lesson 2
Started the day wt a-not-so-nice experience... Me... got stuck in a heavy traffic jam just a few mins away from ICCA... sigghhsss... I left my family's place around 12.45pm hoping to arrive Section 14 at 1.15pm... but d traffic at Rothman hold me up till 1.40pm... What d hell??? It was not moving at all, so i've to think of other alternative... Managed to sneak-out to d left lane and turned to Section 17. Took another right turn into the industrial area and prayed that it will lead me to the correct road.... And finally... yeayyyy... there i was, in front of Section 14 main road... But it turned out that i wasn't the only student who's late that day... there were 2 others plus another 2 who didn't turned up... So, it's just the 3 of us... ;@)
On this 2nd Lesson, we learned on Fondant Embellishments. How to mould Carnation Base, Ribbon Garland and Border, Handkerchief-Style Overlay and also Draping using so many different types of tools...

L - Garland Border
R - Handkerchief-Style Overlay
L - Ribbon Garland
R - Carnation Base

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