Monday, March 16, 2009

ICCA - WMCD - LeSSoN 2 (13th Mar '09)

On our 2nd lesson, we learned bout decorating techniques, part of roses n pattern transfer... We get 2 decorate our own cake (that we baked n frosted at home)... Using Piping Gel, we trace a rainbow diagram on a parchment paper, then place it onto d cake n start decorating wt all d techniques that has been taught earlier on... FUN & INTERESTING but painful (coz u r using d strength of your palm 2 d max 2 squeeze d piping bag wt icings)... Ouuuccchhh... ;-/
The classroom @ Section 14, PJ & my Instructor - Nancy

Here's my Rainbow Decorated Cake wt Star & Zigzag Piping technique
(yaaaaa..... now u know my age... just keep it 2 yourself okay ;@)**...)

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