Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mY HuBBy... mY LoVe (errrr... not mine ya...) ;-p

Noooooo..... not for my hubby... It's for my Bro In-Law instead... Ordered by his wife Ain. She wanted something special & memorable for hubby's birthday this year. She gave me a few pics of her hubby and i send it for Edible Image printing. Suddenly the idea of 'Soccer' just came... From Jersey to Field to Ball... The 'Lollipop' Pics just pop-up out of nowhere coz i dunno where to put the rest of the images (as i don't want to crowd d cakes with too many pics so i double up 2 images in 1 lollipop). Am glad Ain luvs it after i showed her the pic that i took b4 d delivery... Thanks a lot sista & HAPPY BURFDAY ACUN... ;@)

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