Sunday, July 26, 2009

ICCA - WMCD - FoNDaNt n GuMPaSte (LeSSoN 1)

25th July 2009
ICCA - Wilton Method of Cake Decorating
Fondant & Gumpaste Course
Day 1 - Lesson 1
My FINAL Course in Cake Decorating with ICCA... (still contemplating whether or not to enroll their Diploma Courses after this. Some said good, some said d other way round... hmmm... It's ok... I still hv & will take my time 2 think of it... ;-!)
Well... as for this 1st Lesson, we learned how to Tint and Marbleizing fondant with 2 differrent method. One is using Pre-Tinted + White Fondant and another method is just using Icing Colour. Next is the hardest part (for me especially) - to cover a cake with fondant. I 'cried' every single time i used fondant to cover a cake... 1st time - it stick to the mat.... 2nd time - it stick a little but can be lift up... 3rd time - it tore (what a nightmare)... So it took me 4th attempt just to cover a single tier of cake!!!!! Can u believe it????? Arrrggghhhhh.... So during this lesson (which took me 2 attempt to cover a cake), i make sure i used a generous amount of icing sugar underneath b4 rolling the FONDANT... and it works!!! HAHAHA... ;@)

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