Monday, July 6, 2009

CooKieS aNyoNe???

Well yeah... As requested by many, i now expanding d varieties of my products. Introducing 'Decorated Gingerbread Cookies'... Beforehand, i attended a class by 1 of my Baking Guru - Lynn Hassan from MyHadiah on these special recipe of Gingerbread Cookies. Wanna know what are they??? Enroll now with Lynn Hassan and u can get more than just a recipe... ;@)
Cookies price starts from RM 3.00 per piece and above (depending on the size and decorations used)... Negotiable price for large order... ;@)


  1. nice cookies..sweet sangat design dia..

  2. tq zue... i gi class ngan Lynn Hassan kat umah dia in Saujana Utama... dah lama dia ajak masa dia buat class ni kat artisan, but i was busy wt my ICCA Class... so i asked her to repeat... this time dia wat kat umah dia, lg sng... ;@)