Monday, May 18, 2009

ICCA - WMCD - CouRSe 2 (LeSSoN 2 16/05/09)

2nd Lesson of Course 2 after an 'Off Day' last week (09/05/09) - Wesak Day... In the end of Lesson 1, we learned how to mix Royal Icing as a preparation for our 2nd Lesson which we will be making flowers out of it...

We did Rose Bud + Calyx and Mums (Chrysanthemum) the last time and as for the continuation, we made Apple Blossom, Violet & Violet Leaf which turned out to be 'VEWY PWETTY' & 'VEWY HANDY' for me coz i gotta put in onto my Cupcakes Order the very nxt day. Hahaha.... ;@)

We also get to learned on a new technique called 'COLOR FLOW'. It's for decorating designs using a Color Flow Mix (similar to Meringue Powder Mix wt an additional of Whipping Aid), where we mixed & thin it with water till it come to the right consistency for us to fill it up in our designs... Cool stuff coz u will get a 2D effect on your designs...

Apple Blossom (Pink), Violet (Violet/Purple) & Violet Leaf (Green)

Decorating using Color Flow Mix

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