Monday, May 4, 2009

ICCA - WiLToN MetHoD oF CaKe DeCoRaTiNg - CouRsE 2

After a long wait (1 month) and cancellation of class due to short of students, i finally begin my Course 2 on 2nd of May... They are 8 students this time around (supposed to be 10 but 2 of 'em cancelled it d very last minute)...
Nothing much on Lesson 1. Just continuation from the previous Course (1) in Piping Method... (Shell Borders, Rosettes & Reversed Shell). We also learned how to mix Royal Icing which will be our main ingredients through out this Course 2. My Instructor is Renuga (Renu)... A very funny yet informative teacher!!!

My NEW!!! Course Kit... Yeayyyy!!!

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