Sunday, September 6, 2009

"sPRiNg BLooM"

For my lovely Nadia Fauzi... Who ordered these on behalf of her brother (to give it to his GF... wink*wink*... LOL... ;@)
was the one introducing the "Springfield" design that i made for her and few others (who also requested to have the same design for their cuppies after seeing Nadia's)... Thanks dear... ;p
For these cuppies, she requested to have Purple and Pink "Springfield"... I changed the base colour to Purple and Pink and maintained the Colourful Designs... So now i named it "SPRING BLOOM" coz it's softer and sweet... ;@)


  1. for this cupcake u charge berapa 4 overall termasuk packing in box...

  2. hi there, as for this one is RM 15.00 - S size Paper Liner Cup incl. normal box... ;o)