Saturday, September 5, 2009

I MaDe aPPLe PiE... ;@)

Have any of you heard that A.P.P.L.E.S (Green in particular) help prevent from diseases??? Basically all fruits are good and have it's own benefits in a form of prevention, protects, blocks, controls, stabilizes, support, lowers, combats, strengthens, battles, promotes... and the list goes on and on... I recently received an email saying that Green Apple helps prevent from H1N1. It acts as a booster to your body and organ (heart). Hope it's true!!!

So... the very nxt day, i dragged hubby to the supermarket and bought a bag (bout 18pcs) of Green Apples... Bwahahahaha.... Reached home, i washed and peeled off the skins and blended 6pcs to make my myself Apple Juice... Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Ate few and d rest stays in my fridge for almost a week... wakakakakaka.... (very the 'hangat2 taik ayam')...

But i decided not to waste it. Since it's still fresh, i took it out from the fridge, washed and peeled it off (again) and GOOGLED for Apple Pie Recipes... Step 1... Step 2... Step 3... and TADAAAAAAAAAAA..... My 1st Trial of Apple Pie - Successful... yeeeeehhaaaaa..... ;@)

Brought it to my aunt's place for Buka Puasa Dessert

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