Saturday, September 12, 2009

sWiRL... sWiRL... sWiRL... ;@)

These are for Cynthia - my ex-colleague from MAS... I remember when we did a flight to London back in 2006 or 2007, i can't remember exactly. The 5 of us (all girls) went 'WINDOW SHOPPING' from Piccadilly Circus (Flea Market, Lily White) to Oxford Street in the chill winter weather of UK (whch part of UK doesn't???). We ended up feeling damn hungry and tired after half of d day walking, On n Off Buses, while yickyacking non-stop. We have to settled for Fried Chicken + Chips & Pizza by the street's side in Oxford (no fancy restaurant as all d money goes to the "WINDOW SHOPPING ITEMS cashier")... LOL... ;@)
That was 'Those Days', now both of us took an 'Early Retirement' from flying as we've settled down by getting married to our luv one's and Cynthia and hubby are blessed with their new family member - Adorable Baby Qievern, 3 mths old... Congrats 2 u babe... And thanks a lot for your order here... I myself lurve d simple yet elegant design... (adopted from my collection of Catherine Nah's order with different topper)... ;@)

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