Friday, June 5, 2009

NaDia FauZi - 'SecReT GaRDeN'...

Order 3 - with sample: From my regular & valued customer Nadia (this is her 3rd order within a month time)... TQVM my dear... And this time it's for her beloved mom... A custom made cake just for her... SWEET NYER...
She wants a similar looking cake without the accessories on top of it. So i replaced it with flowers instead. That's why i called it with such name - 'Secret Garden' coz it looks like a garden don't u think???
When she forwarded d attachment... I was thrilled & excited to do it coz: 1st... the cake is high not flat like a normal cake... 2nd... d colours are so sweet (but forgive me, i couldn't find any sweet coloured gumpaste flowers... so my version is 'BRIGHT')... and 3rdly... i can practise all d knowledge that i learned from all d classes that i attended so far... which was... quite a number... ;@)
The attachment sample

The Cake

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