Friday, June 19, 2009

18 SX... CuPPieS... ;@)

I made these cuppies specially for my BEST FREN'S Bachelorette Party... (There are 10 of us - very best buddies since school, but only half that are really2 attached till now)...
She's our last 'Sister' to get married... and bcoz of that, we planned to make it the most memorable time in our lives as best friends... We planned everything well. Starting from d Bachelorette Party (we had a blast celebration in Bijou, Mont Kiara) to the Solemnisation to the 1st Reception and to the 2nd Reception. We even have our own theme colour for both Receptions, hiring a photographer just for us and what else??? We got it all covered..
Just 1 thing that made me worried now... Am i going to get BANNED for uploading these '18SX-'BLUE'-CUPPIES'??? I hope so not... I tried to put 'CENSORED' wording on it, but it doesn't seems to be working... Anybody knows how??? Teach me plssssss..... ;@)

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