Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ICCA - WMCD - CoUrSe 3

13/06/09 - Lesson 1
I really looking forward to do this course... ;@)... WHY??? Bcoz it will teach me more about Fondant & Gumpaste Flowers + assembling Tiered Cake (Stacked or Push-In Pillar Construction)... I've learned how to assemble stacked cake from 1 of d classes (outside class) that i attended, so my main goal this time will be Pillar assembling...
Nothing much in Lesson 1, still on Piping Techniques with more details. Cornelli Lace, Sotaz & Bead Border, Stringworks & Borders (Ruffle Border & Garland) and not forgetting Brush Embroidery Technique (gentle brushstrokes on icing)... ;@)

Course 3 Student Kit - more tools yeayy!!
L - Bead Border, Cornelli Lace & Sotaz
R - Multiple & Overlapping Drop String

L - Ruffle Border & Ruffle Garland
R - Brush Embroidery

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