Wednesday, February 11, 2009

tHe BeGiNNiNg...

It all started after almost a year since i became a full-time housewife. I desperately need an activity that can generate my 'almost-malfunction' brain back to normal... sigh... ;-(... Besides than d normal chores, i've been spending my whole housewife's life doin' nothin'. Hubby's hardly around due to his job requirement n my families place is 30-40 mins away fr home. I can't be going back n forth everytime my hubby's away aite!!! So, after a long n deep thinkin', i decided to BAKE...
Told hubby bout my new-found interest n persuade him to buy me a convection oven... He agreed but with conditions of course... 1) i've to take good care of d oven and 2) i've to make full-used of it after we purchased it... OK, no probs baby... hehehe... ;@)
A few days after we bought d oven, i started my amatur (or i'd call it non-professional-at-all) skill. Took a few cupcake recipes fr d net, get d stuffs ready n started baking.
Expecting failures, but it turned out... hmm... not so bad though... Used an instant fondant for d topping n some edible deco items... And here's how my 1st cuppies looks like... Don't laugh!!!

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