Saturday, April 18, 2009

He'S MaRRieD... HeHeHe... ;@)

My cousin got married yesterday (17th Apr '09)... He used to (and still) be my 'Partner-in-Crime' in term of cat-fight, bullying n all sorts of 'siblings abused'... But now i've to re-think when i wanna do or say something to him as he's a married man. So i've to respect d presents of his wife rite!!! But she's such a cool girl... 'Satu kepala' (get along very well) wt us... She blend in nicely wt our 'loud' families... That's sweet!!!
I made these Fondant Cuppies for his hantaran... Got d idea fr 1 of d books i read bout fondant decorations... Sweet & Simple...
Tuxedo, Wedding Gown n Hats Design

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