Saturday, October 10, 2009

oPsSs... i DiD iT aGaiN...!!!

Did what??? HAHAHA... Being LAZY updating d BLOG... ;o)
LOL... What can i say more? I'm still in Raya Mode (Open Houses & such), Hubby's alwiz around (On-Leave, On-Leave and more Leave) and I'm starting my Hajj Flight soon (Ya peeps, i'll be flying again to send all the Pilgrimage to perform their Hajj). So i'll hardly be around for this coming 2 mths or so. In other words, i'll STOP taking orders for a moment - unless during my off days (that will also depends on my mood and energy. If i'm too tired, then i've to skip. Fair enough ya). Do lemme know in advanced if u wanna put your order for Oct, Nov & Dec. I'll check on my Duty Roster (Schedule) and book d date for you peeps. I've received quite a number of orders for end of Oct & Nov already. But yet to be confirmed coz my Duty Roster will only be out by this Wed (14/10/09). Be patient my dear friends... ;@)
Owh... back to updating d blog... Pls gimme some times to complete all d entries as i'm taking my 'VERY OWN SWEET TIME' doing it... (err... actually it's more on 'cracking' my head on what to write though... Sighhh...). Anyhow, i promise to finished it A.S.A.P... PROMISE!!!
Last but not least... It is still not too late for me to wish everybody especially my Muslim Fellow Colleagues out there "SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI. MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN. AMPUNKAN SEGALA SALAH SILAP SEKIRANYA ADA SELAMA KITA BERKENALAN".
Ikhlas form me, Yours Truly,
-mieza- ;@)
p/s: updated entry will still have backdated posting date (as i followed the date of each deliveries). So, NEW entry will be from 10th Sept '09 - "SURAU BAITURRAHMAN, PUTRA HEIGHTS" till todate... TQ... ;o)

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